How to Be Happy

Today I was asked a question from a dear one of mine and I felt like sharing

"Question: what happened in your life that made you become so happy?"

I think happiness really is a continuous choice to choose to be happy. I think it's more about the state of mind you wish to live in. I am constantly retraining my mind to focus on the good and observing the bad and not giving it anymore attention than that. I've learnt that whatever your attention is on it will grow. Because your reality is what you make of it. If you want to focus on the bad then the bad grows. If you focus on the good than the good grows. We are THE creator of our lives and I think when I decided I wanted to create my life rather than let others create it I became happier and the more the happiness comes but if I fall back into what others want then my happiness trickles away so I constantly have to keep affirming and reaffirming that which I wish to grow. It's really like physics. The more (e)motion given to something the more momentum it starts to create. So if it's constantly bad (e)motions then your gonna have more bad attracted to you. I think affirmations is my biggest and best friend. 

I know how difficult it is sometimes to know what energy is yours and what is from others. And I know the pain of feeling unhappy. I feel you!❤️ but knowing that is all about your reaction and that your not the victim of what is happening really helps me step out of whatever shit others are dealing with. It's taken me a lot of practice to just remotely not take everything as a personal attack on ME. Which really affects me because I'm such a people pleaser and my anxiety sky rockets when someone is upset with me but i constantly am reminding myself that their dealing with their own shit and their reaction toward me is their own negative energy and I can choose whether or not to participate in their drama. When something really gets to me or hurts me or frustrates me or just doesn't feel good this is what I repeat to myself...


I AM light

I AM love


"I AM" I have learnt is the most powerful words that you can speak and whatever you put after those words you become tenfold. So whenever your feeling blah find loving words to put after I Am and repeat over and over again. The subconscious can only be retrained through repetition so the more you give yourself positive mantras the faster and more powerfully your emotions and life with change. The same will go for if it's the negative way round. I love you My friend! You are love and you are light and your all the goodness in the world. You are a divine light and what you see in me is what you see in yourself you just have to KNOW it as much as you know I am what I am. Always sending you my love and light❤️


With much love,