Over the last few months I have been in contact with a really amazing brand about a collaboration to help promote their business as well as the opportunity to create some really great product footage. This project has been in the works for about four months now and I have something to say about this brand. 

You know those brands that once you find them your an instant follower? Well this brand is for sure one of them. From customer service, product quality to the general feel the company emulates is nothing but good vibes. I instantly knew this company was doing great not just in the consumer world but in our nature world. As Soulstice's essence was manifest from the desire to create a positive impact on our beautiful planet.

For every product sold up to an acre of endangered rainforest is protected! How freaken cool is that? 

Soo how could I not be completely and totally hooked in! I want to help save the rainforest but I know I am a consumer living in a consumer world. So why not use my love of clothing to help better the world!

Within minutes of viewing who and what this company was I wanted to give of my time and energy to help this entity grow to the greatness I felt it could and would be. I was greatly honored by the founder, Danny Blue, who was more than gracious in welcoming an outsider to promote his company without so much as a hesitation. 

In return of Soulstice's gracious givings I took the company brand to one of the greatest countries and a place of rainforest origin, Costa Rica. Below is a sampling of the beautiful results from the collaboration! In love with what has come of this collaboration thus far!  



Would love to hear from anyone with feedback on any of this post! Always looking to improve or hear any positive feedback haha that's nice too! 

Also looking for collaborators to do more projects with! Or if your in need of design or photographic work! Email or connect through social media! 

Just an artist wanted to create🙏