Hello my friend, i hope to find you well and happy. i had this feeling for the last couple days that i must tell you of something... a secret. i have found what's been missing all these millennia. my friend you will not believe it but its been here all along. working side by side. crying and smiling together. growing and evolving with one another. 

i've heard it been called, the We. 

there is this connection that it shares. a power coursing through it that could transform this planet to a heaven on Earth. this We has been dormant for quite a long while not though. 

But i can see that its awakening...

its slow but sure. one by one. their coming alive. Awakening. hearing this innate drumming taking them to a new dimension. my Friend, can you hear it? it's calling You. close your eyes, you'll surely hear it.

ITs the connection. between the all. We are One. 

We always have been and We always will. 

please know that you are love and you are part of the whole. never are you without the rest. We are One. I am really sorry for the pains that you have endured. i hope that you forgive me and all else that has impacted you in a negative way. It was never personal. we all are just trying to get there. to that place of love. I want to thank you for all that you are and who you choose to become. your evolution to higher consciousness is the most amazing gift you could give and I am so grateful that you to are on this path in search of that higher vibe. some days it'll be a little harder and i hope that in someway somehow you find something here that will make it a little brighter. remember I love you. You ARE love. 

We are One.

with all the graditude in the world,

❤ sky