Southern Downs and The Seven Sisters

The Southern Downs & The Seven Sisters

Brighton & Beyond Tour - Viator

As I am a sucker for a good sightseeing tour I was instantly hooked when I found Brighton and Beyond’s Tour of the Southern Downs and the Seven Sisters. This tour was perfect all the way round. An intimate group, as the tour’s maximum capacity is 16 people but there were only about 7 of us plus our guide on the particular day that we planned it for. We all were situated in a clean and roomy Mercedes mini bus ready for a day filled with many surprises. 

Devil’s Dyke

    As we began our journey our first stop was Devil’s Dyke. A prime location for paragliding, dotting the sky and hillside are a few dozen human fliers as they whirl and glide above the rolling hills of farm land. Overlooking the beginning of the next Champagne capitol of Europe. As more and more wine entrepreneurs realize that the lands of the Southern Downs mirrors that of  the French Champagne vineyards located on the other side of the channel, they are beginning to buy up old farms and estates so to begin the next boom of the champagne market.

    Located on the other side of the hillside there is the the dyke. Its folklore origination is said to have been the devil came down to the Southern Downs and was infuriated that the people were living there and set out a plan to drive them out. The devil saw that the ocean was near the pastures and thought that if he dug a dyke from the ocean that it would wash out the villagers, so he began to dig. A nun that lived just above the area where the devil was digging came out to confront the devil as to what he was doing. The devil told her of his plans and she challenged him that he couldn’t dig the dyke before the sun came up and if he couldn’t finish before sunrise that he must leave the village in peace. The devil thought for a second and reasoned that he was the devil and he could do anything. So he continued to dig while the nun raced home to grab the biggest candle she could find, I mean a HUGE candle, and lit it in the windowsill and took one of her roosters and provoked him to cockle. The devil heard the rooster and up at a brilliant light just above the horizon and in a moment of dismay accepted his defeat and fled the Southern Downs, leaving behind his unfinished dyke. Haha this story being much more entertaining than that of the real story which as that the chalk lands were washed away by water.

Middle Farm

    Arriving at our nest stop, Middle Farm, a 625 acre working family farm, owned by the same family for over 6 generations. With such an extensive history in the British food industry, Middle Farm, creates and demands the highest of standards when it comes to their milk and animal products. This same standard of excellence is also seen in everyone else produce they stock. 

    As you first walk into the farm you are teleported into the times of Jane Austin’s, Pride and Prejudice time area. At the entrance of the farm you are greeted by an exquisite set of building, the farmers home and a handful of barns. Within the cluster of flint (native rock to the southern downs landscape) built structures you will find a cozy market place of farm grown goods such as cheeses, meats, produce, honey, and breads. The smells are so delicious that the aroma takes you straight to foodie heaven. Paralleling the market is another barn which houses Middle Farm’s National known collection of ciders and perrys. Their collection is unlike any other cellar I have ever witnessed as rows of shelves are stocked with the most beautiful of bottles. As I am one for an excellence glass of cider Middle Farm did not disappoint. As they offer a handful of samples to tantalize the taste buds. Right outside the cellar there is the farms personal apple pressor. Where the intoxicating smells of fresh apple juice entices all who visit. As you venture on you are greeted by a small nursery of the farm’s beautifully grown plants just waiting to be adopted. The greenery then leads you on to my favorite stop of the farm, the cafe, where you can find some of the most amazing European inspired dishes. Such delicacies you can wrap your taste buds around a reviving morning coffee, a lovely light lunch (there is always a vegetarian option), a sumptuous Sussex cream tea with our famous scones OR the best damn apple juice you will ever have! By far one of the best places I’ve eaten at in England.

The Farm Shop and National Collection of Cider and Perry are both open from 9.30am until 5.30pm Monday to Sunday.

Countryside & Long Man

    As we left the Farm we will then travelled through the English countryside something I will never forget. As we drove I was overcome with such a inner stillness and peace that I had not experienced before. It may have been the endless rolling hills or the exquisitely build stone homes that dotted the landscape, unsure of the origin of my feelings all I knew was that there is a deep seated energy to the land and I was without words as to the serenity they evoked within me. Captivating as the environment as I was even further astounded when we stopped at the Long Man of Wilmington or locally known as the Green Man. A 235 foot tall man carved from the chalk below, said to have been created in the Iron Age era. This figure was awe-inspiring to think of creating such a work. 



    As the venture continued I was getting more and more excited as we will coming to the place I had been dreaming to see, the infamous Seven Sisters. Our first glimpse came when we arrived at Beachyhead, the tallest point of the cliffs and man, let me just say it did not disappoint. As we walked up the hill the infinite horizon came into view and a couple steps more the sheer drop off appeared before your eyes and you can not help but feel a bit dizzy. Reaching a staggering 531 feet from sea level, Beachyhead’s chalk cliff was breathtakingly beautiful and terrifying all in the same moment. One moment you struck with awe and the next praying that you do not miss step and take a nice tumble down to the sea shore below. One of the most incredible details of the view was the way that the chalk bled into the ocean, creating the most exquisite gradient. From the shore begins the most beautiful mint green that then turns to an aquamarine into the most stunning aqua blues. It was as if it was painted by the gods. Truly a sight to behold.

Seven Sisters Beach

    Clamoring back into the Mercedes Mini bus and we were on our way to the spot I was obsessing over for since arriving in Brighton! As we arrived at the park we made our way down a pathway sided by herds of sheep and berried bushes. The brush started to part and the first glimpses of the cliffs began to show themselves. Getting closer there was a beautiful holiday home situated right on the bank on the beach overlooking the coast and all of the Seven Sisters. What a magnificent place to stay if I had had more time in the southern downs. At last, after crossing the beach we had finally made it to one of the most incredible views I had ever seen! The cliffs loomed over us with such immensity that it took your breath away. The beach was a perfect place for a picnic and a lovely afternoon stroll. If you ever find yourself in the area be sure to add this one to your must sees. 


Last but not least we came to our final stop of the tour, Rottingdean, a quaint town just located on the outskirts of Brighton. Home to many of the wealthiest businessmen of the area and some of the most exquisite english homes I have ever seen. Within the town center there is a yellow building that once was the home of the author of The Jungle Book, Rubyard Kipling. A very special town this place is and much history that lies within its bounds. A perfect end to the best tour I have ever taken.

All in all this tour was very successful. Full of knowledge and all the best spots on the southern coast you cannot go wrong with taking this tour.

Elixir of Eternal Life

Base for My Healthy Life

Since I can remember I have not had the most enjoyable of relationships with food. For a long time now I have struggled with stomach issues. These issues really did not come to my awareness until about two years ago when I could not ignore it much longer. I had gotten to the point where the Web MD app told me that with my symptoms I was advised to go straight to the hospital and that the app could not help me. Next thing I knew someone was telling me that it could be my appendix, as all signs were leading us to believe that I was on the verge of my appendix erupting. Quite a scary thought when you realize what that this eruption entails. A few days later and the results were in; I was extremely constipated and it was pushing my body to the point of serious harm. 

From that point on I have been on a scavenger hunt to figure out how to deal with my body. Let me tell you that this has been one of the most challenging of struggles I have had endure. It started with cutting out dairy and life without CHEESE...well it hasn't been the same. But sometimes overindulgence in one thing or another never turns out to good.

Then it was gluten...then meat 

And then... it was the order or combination in which I ate my fruits and vegetables.

My mind had waged a full on nuclear war on food. I was learning all that I could to figure outwit was wrong with me. I couldn't eat anything and I was becoming weaker and and losing weight that I really couldn't afford to loss. There is so much information out there about what we should and shouldn't eat. There is a lot of misinformation in the media today and some people believe that they have the answer that will be a cure all. So with all this new information, some being truth and some being far from that truth, was leaking into my subconscious, telling my mind that food was bad for me.  

About a month ago my life turned around. My dad, having similar problems as I but to a much higher extreme, has been on the hunt for the Elixir. You know? The one that will help you live forever? Well maybe not forever, but one that at least saved me from death by my mind. Since starting this health ritual I have only seen immense change in my life. I can now eat what I want without the fear of being in extreme pain. And I can not describe to you how happy I am that I can be free to live my life and enjoy the food that comes along with it. BUT I still choose to eat as health as I can in every moment I can. Throughout this whole ordeal I found my love of self and the temple, body, that I live in. 

Since starting this ritual I have noticed many changes in my body. Within instances of starting the drink I noticed my skin clearing up and my stomach was easing in pain severity. For the first week I had had really bad BO, which only meant that the toxins within were being pushed out. I started to notice my energy levels have rising with each day. Once the enzymes were added I was pretty much free to eat that which I liked. Its been about a month with the Frost Ritual I have noticed that my body is keeping good weight but lean rather than fat. Within the last day or two I have also noticed that my skin blemishes have turned to white heads instead of acne and that it also has a turned extremely lush and soft. Among other great health benefits this ritual has really changed my life. I hope that you too can incorporate these things into your daily grid. Start off with the drink or some of the supplements and you won't regret it! Whats the worst that can happen? You become healthier, happier and full of more energy? Sounds pretty damn good to me! :) 

Elixir of Eternal Life

Supplements :

  • Lithium Orotate
  • Calcium/Magnesium/Zinc Complex
  • MSM
  • Potassium Chloride
  • Veggie Supplement
  • Fruit Supplement
  • Vitamin B12

Drink :

  • 1/4 tsp. Baking Soda (alkalizing)
  • 1/4 tsp. Pink Himalayan Salt (minerals and electrolytes)
  • 1200mcg Liquid Potassium Iodine (breaks down mucus, aids Thyroid)
  • 24 oz Distilled Water (alkaline)
  • Tea, Green Tea (Detox) or Rooibos Tea (Healer)
  • Stevia, Honey, Xylitol, Maple Syrup  (sweeten to your hearts content)

Boil water and steep tea. Take a shaker bottle fill with ice and add all ingredients. Then pour the tea into shaker and shake thoroughly. I put this into my hydro water bottle and drink through out the day. 

Would love to know how this concoction of health remedies works for you! Please feel free to ask any questions or comment below! :)

P.S. I will be making infographics to go along with each item listed above as to give you more clear understanding of why all of these things are good for you! 

Have a wonderful day,


How to Be Happy

Today I was asked a question from a dear one of mine and I felt like sharing

"Question: what happened in your life that made you become so happy?"

I think happiness really is a continuous choice to choose to be happy. I think it's more about the state of mind you wish to live in. I am constantly retraining my mind to focus on the good and observing the bad and not giving it anymore attention than that. I've learnt that whatever your attention is on it will grow. Because your reality is what you make of it. If you want to focus on the bad then the bad grows. If you focus on the good than the good grows. We are THE creator of our lives and I think when I decided I wanted to create my life rather than let others create it I became happier and the more the happiness comes but if I fall back into what others want then my happiness trickles away so I constantly have to keep affirming and reaffirming that which I wish to grow. It's really like physics. The more (e)motion given to something the more momentum it starts to create. So if it's constantly bad (e)motions then your gonna have more bad attracted to you. I think affirmations is my biggest and best friend. 

I know how difficult it is sometimes to know what energy is yours and what is from others. And I know the pain of feeling unhappy. I feel you!❤️ but knowing that is all about your reaction and that your not the victim of what is happening really helps me step out of whatever shit others are dealing with. It's taken me a lot of practice to just remotely not take everything as a personal attack on ME. Which really affects me because I'm such a people pleaser and my anxiety sky rockets when someone is upset with me but i constantly am reminding myself that their dealing with their own shit and their reaction toward me is their own negative energy and I can choose whether or not to participate in their drama. When something really gets to me or hurts me or frustrates me or just doesn't feel good this is what I repeat to myself...


I AM light

I AM love


"I AM" I have learnt is the most powerful words that you can speak and whatever you put after those words you become tenfold. So whenever your feeling blah find loving words to put after I Am and repeat over and over again. The subconscious can only be retrained through repetition so the more you give yourself positive mantras the faster and more powerfully your emotions and life with change. The same will go for if it's the negative way round. I love you My friend! You are love and you are light and your all the goodness in the world. You are a divine light and what you see in me is what you see in yourself you just have to KNOW it as much as you know I am what I am. Always sending you my love and light❤️


With much love, 


Thoughts = Reality

Hey friend, I hope to find you happy today! Do you ever have those days when its just a whirlwind of events that your kind of like HELL YES? Yea today was one of those days. 

For the last few days I have been very uninspired with a touch of deep detachment from all things. What seemed like I was going into a hole of darkness that only time could tell when I would come out of it. Come to realize these downs are just a normal part of life. With high highs comes low lows I suppose. But today, like other great self discovering moments, today was as if every aspect and piece of knowledge came together to break through the flood gates of pain that resides within...

Since I could remember I have always had this belief that the expression of myself was unacceptable and not good enough to be expressed. Whether that be of my own opinion or the opinion I believed others had of me. A fear quite crippling when confronted with the everyday experience of being and more times than not unleashing unwanted self destructing reactions. Reactions you look back on and think why the hell did I just react like that?

I am sure I am not the only one...

Today, I was reminded of who I really am. The I AM before the pain could tell me who I should fear to be. Fear to communicate the fullness of who I am in whatever way I want to express that. 

So here I am to remind you that you are more than your beliefs. You are more than your pain. You are more than the fear. I know some days really suck. I understand your pain and I am here for you in whatever way that may be. We are all here for you. You do not need to let your fears control your life anymore.

Recognize that which brings pain. Identify the belief that has formed that caused that pain. Then feel it my friend. Feel completely all that which pains you. Accept that pain. Forgive. Let it go. Then affirm the belief you wish to replace the old belief with. Repeat that new mantra to yourself the next time those feelings come up and repeat that new mantra so that you can heal. Repeat this mantra as often as possible. The more reps you rep that mantra the easier and quicker you will transform the limiting belief. Revolutionize your beliefs and your reality has no choice but to align with them. 

Bruce Lipton, cellular biologist, 

"You know why it’s hard to be happy—it’s because we refuse to LET GO of the things that make us sad."

"We control our life by controlling our perception."

“I was exhilarated by the new realization that I could change the character of my life by changing my beliefs. I was instantly energized because I realized that there was a science-based path that would take me from my job as a perennial “victim” to my new position as “co-creator” of my destiny."

You are love my friend. Please, FEEL this and equally KNOW this, in totality. 

I love you. May all the good vibes go your way. 

Thoughts = Reality

Love, Sky



Over the last few months I have been in contact with a really amazing brand about a collaboration to help promote their business as well as the opportunity to create some really great product footage. This project has been in the works for about four months now and I have something to say about this brand. 

You know those brands that once you find them your an instant follower? Well this brand is for sure one of them. From customer service, product quality to the general feel the company emulates is nothing but good vibes. I instantly knew this company was doing great not just in the consumer world but in our nature world. As Soulstice's essence was manifest from the desire to create a positive impact on our beautiful planet.

For every product sold up to an acre of endangered rainforest is protected! How freaken cool is that? 

Soo how could I not be completely and totally hooked in! I want to help save the rainforest but I know I am a consumer living in a consumer world. So why not use my love of clothing to help better the world!

Within minutes of viewing who and what this company was I wanted to give of my time and energy to help this entity grow to the greatness I felt it could and would be. I was greatly honored by the founder, Danny Blue, who was more than gracious in welcoming an outsider to promote his company without so much as a hesitation. 

In return of Soulstice's gracious givings I took the company brand to one of the greatest countries and a place of rainforest origin, Costa Rica. Below is a sampling of the beautiful results from the collaboration! In love with what has come of this collaboration thus far!  



Would love to hear from anyone with feedback on any of this post! Always looking to improve or hear any positive feedback haha that's nice too! 

Also looking for collaborators to do more projects with! Or if your in need of design or photographic work! Email or connect through social media! 

Just an artist wanted to create🙏 



What does it really mean to be conscious? Is there a special trick to it?

Consciousness is your awareness of self and that, which surrounds you, at least that’s what the definition of the word consciousness means. But what does it really mean to be conscious?


Einstein once said, “the most beautiful and profound emotion we can experience is the sensation of the mystical. It is the root of all the science. Deep emotional conviction of the presence of a superior reasoning power, which is revealed in the incomprehensible universe, my idea of God.”


Right now there seems to be a materialist world view in a majority the world’s sciences, an arbitrary mechanistic unfeeling universe. Where there is every reason to feel alienated alone tearful and depressed. I know I’ve felt that at times and I’ve seen it even greater in others. But I have a feeling that there’s more to this magnificence than that of who we are and that which surrounds us, there has to be.


There’s a vibe that is unseeable but at times quite feelable. A feeling kind of like the love from a parent to their child. You can’t see the feeling but you know they’re there. It is like this deeper knowing. You can’t really see these matters of the heart, so do we think that materialism is all that this is about? That’s just the outer world.


What about the inner world? That space within that seems to be lonely but when in reality it is more connected with all that is than one could ever fathom.  A blissfully conscious universe where there is every reason to feel inherently connected to all, the inanimate and animate beings. The universe is one HUGE vibe that we are all apart of.


For Nikola Tesla said, “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

So if we are all apart of this giant vibe each vibing to a different beat and all the plants and animals have their own unique vibe as well. All objects have their own vibe as well.

We are just one vibe my friend!

So honor that vibe in you and in all that surround you.

May the good vibes be with you🙏 




Hello my friend, i hope to find you well and happy. i had this feeling for the last couple days that i must tell you of something... a secret. i have found what's been missing all these millennia. my friend you will not believe it but its been here all along. working side by side. crying and smiling together. growing and evolving with one another. 

i've heard it been called, the We. 

there is this connection that it shares. a power coursing through it that could transform this planet to a heaven on Earth. this We has been dormant for quite a long while not though. 

But i can see that its awakening...

its slow but sure. one by one. their coming alive. Awakening. hearing this innate drumming taking them to a new dimension. my Friend, can you hear it? it's calling You. close your eyes, you'll surely hear it.

ITs the connection. between the all. We are One. 

We always have been and We always will. 

please know that you are love and you are part of the whole. never are you without the rest. We are One. I am really sorry for the pains that you have endured. i hope that you forgive me and all else that has impacted you in a negative way. It was never personal. we all are just trying to get there. to that place of love. I want to thank you for all that you are and who you choose to become. your evolution to higher consciousness is the most amazing gift you could give and I am so grateful that you to are on this path in search of that higher vibe. some days it'll be a little harder and i hope that in someway somehow you find something here that will make it a little brighter. remember I love you. You ARE love. 

We are One.

with all the graditude in the world,

❤ sky


“Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.”

― Dr. Seuss

Hello my friend,

i would like to say I love YOU.  

You and only you.  And I love that. 

Sometimes we forget who we really are and we got lost in all the pulls and pushes of our environment. One way telling us to do this and the other telling us to be something else. But my friend do not take it personally. It is life's way of showing you the variables that your life can become. We are not predestined for a certain kind of life. We create our life through thoughts, feelings and actions. What you focus on grows. It is called the Law of Attraction.  

If you wallow in the negative energy then only negative energy will flow your way.

So my friend you are you and I think that you need to embrace and love who that may be. Because the longer you dislike who you are the longer and more painful your life will become. Please do not give energy to that which takes away from your power.

You are love. 

With much gratitude, 


I Am Sky

Hey, Hi, Hello?...

I have heard that the beginning of something is always the hardest. What are the right words? What do I talk about? What shall I say...

This is me.

I am Sky Frost, the hippie.

I love deeply and I live curiously.

I am creating this collection of memories and knowledge so that I can try to make sense of it all, all this that we exist in. I do not and will not pretend to know all that there is but that I to search for answers and I would like to share what I've learns so that it to may help you in whatever your journey may be. All that I wish to do is share, share my experience of being alive.

Thoughts from the Sky.

Where reality and dreams coexist.

With much gratitude,